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Making air quality monitors accessible to everyone, everywhere

Our high-tech sensors combine scientific precision with low cost materials, making air quality data accessible for every community, public entity and private companies. Our technology is adaptable to any territory and can be programmed to monitor and analyze different air pollutants and elements.

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Our Sensors offer Solutions

Using a new generation of laser particle counters, our modules provide real-time measurement of particulate matter in the air (PM10, PM2.5 and PM1) and can be easily programmed to cost-effectively measure air quality anywhere.


Neuer Weg modules and software, are trusted in countries around the globe and are part of world renown scientific initiatives.

See us in action in Breathe 2 Change Initiative here.

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Make the invisible visible!



All the sensors are tested and calibrated on-site using Federal Reference Instruments for air quality monitoring.

  • Equipped with two optical sensors to detect particulate matter in the air (PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0). An alternative version also hosts a NDIR CO2 sensor.

  • The module has an auxiliary ventilation sampling system to allow a fast response to changes in air pollutant concentrations.

  • A humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature sensor complements the measurements and serves to perform post-processing of data considering climatic interferences.

  • The module architecture helps to achieve uniform air circulation through it obtaining more accurate measurements. The construction material ensures the thermal insulation of the sensors inside the module.

  • Built-in WiFi enables the sensor to transmit data to the Neuer Weg Map, where it is stored and made available to everyone in any smart device.

  • For locations with limited or no WiFi access, Neuer Weg module incorporates an SD card, allowing the sensor to record and store data locally. 

  • Easy installation in public spaces, at street lights and on city furniture.

Measurement, Visualization and Analysis
made simple

Science and technology combined to make change possible

Air pollution is a worldwide problematic and the current state of technology requires expensive air quality monitoring stations. But the world is changing and technology is evolving towards smaller hardware and advanced artificial intelligence. Thanks to our low-cost module and easy-to-use platform, many cities, countries and private entities can now access a high-tech monitoring air quality system.

Our mission is to provide an affordable, simple and precise solution to monitor air pollution and take part of effective public and private policies to make change possible. 

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Find out how you can install our sensors in your community or company.

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